Saturday, November 10, 2012

Bama blues...

So, if you don't know me personally (as many of you do not), you may not realize that I am one of the biggest Alabama fans in California.  Seriously.  I suspect that my neighbors think the hubby is hurting me when I watch Alabama football.  But, I digress... Needless to say, with Alabama losing its first game today, I'm a little disappointed.  It happens.  But, I have a few other things to make me smile.

Remember this top?

I got it back from Sarah about a week ago and quickly sewed it up into this:

It's so interesting.  When I finished the top, I was kinda 'meh' about it.  It was pretty, but I couldn't decide if it was me or not.  I sent it off to Sarah and requested a feather quilting pattern that she already had.  When I got it back, I fell completely and totally in love with it.  Seriously.  The past two weekends, my husband has noticed it in our guest room (its supposed home), on our couch, on our bed and hanging off of our balcony (I needed pictures!).

The pattern in Sparkling Cider by All Washed Up.  Now, for the throw pattern, it's supposed to be 64 x 80.  I decided that, to use as many fabric patterns as possible, I would add an additional row to my quilt to make it 80 x 80.  It is the perfect queen coverlet or full/double sized bed quilt.

The back, in my opinion, is equally fabulous:

I had one extra piece of fabric that I felt was too light for the front of the quilt.  So, I sewed it up with a pink solid and decided to feature it on the back.  The birds (in the far left corner) were so cool to me that I wanted to sew them into the back. Unfortunately, I used my last yard of the fabric!  I didn't realize it until it was way too late (i.e.--with my quilter), so I'll have to find another piece for future use.

The binding (which, for some reason I don't have a picture of) is the famed Anna Maria Horner pastry line voile.  Now that I've sewn with voile, I know to hand sew the binding on the front (I'm a huge fan of machine sewn bindings) and to starch the heck out of it before sewing it onto the back.

I'll be back tomorrow with another finished quilt top, but I'm going to link this one up to the Tula Pink QAL tonight.  Enjoy!

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