Sunday, December 9, 2012

I'm a baaaaad blogger

...But with good reason!  You see, in a bout of viral hallucinations (or so I like to think), I decided that I was going to make my Christmas presents for about 4 people on my list.  3 weeks later, I'm finished, but with much more gray hair than I started with.  Since these haven't been given yet (except for 1), I'm not posting names of recipients--just quilt specs.

 The finished stack of quilts.  I was so happy to be done!  I finished after a particularly vigorous sew day, which involved finishing the top quilt and basting the middle one.  I wish I'd known about basting on a table before then!  I've been doing it on Berber carpet!

The top one does not yet have a 'good photo', but I did get a WIP picture of it. It finished at 64 x 72, a good throw size.  I raided my stash of green fabrics (yeah, it's kinda my favorite color) and added a warm, honey colored Kona (I think it's literally called Honey).  I was inspired by this quilt, but wanted mine in greens.  I have the pieces cut for a second one, but, it will have to wait until after Christmas this year!  I'll add more about this one when I've had the chance to get some photos of it with its recipient. :)

This one was a bee quilt that I (finally) finished.  I started with some of the Ty Pennington Impressions 2011 fabric and was aided by the fine ladies of the Modern Minx Bee.  The quilt was originally intended to be bed-sized, but I completely ran out of steam.  Besides, at 72 x 72, it makes a good snuggly couch sized quilt for two.

 I chose a navy blue backing for the quilt and shipped it off to Sarah to help (because it was getting to be crunch time at that point).  I love the visible Baptist fan quilting on the solid back, but I think my favorite part is the binding.  I chose the Bella plaid in Teal from Lotta Jansdotter's newest line to bind the quilt.  The hubby wanted navy, but I love the way that the teal popped.  I also think it brings out the teal in the quilt.

The final quilt started as a Tula Pink SAL quilt top, and finished as a birthday present for my brother. He already knows about it, as he was sad after Alabama lost to Texas A&M and I wanted to cheer him up.  The front is black and white (both Kona), with a Kona Crimson (I think) on the back.

I straight line quilted along the striped blocks and through the solids to make this feel very masculine (because my brother would never use it if it was feminine).  My favorite part on this one is also the binding.  I used an Alabama licensed broadcloth that I stashed months ago.  It's a little nod to my alma mater and his.  He's already told me that he is looking forward to watching the National Championship with this blanket in January.

Now, I've also done a bit of work for bees (but I'm very behind on some!).  This was for the Round Boo Bee and it was my turn to make for Ruth.  I love this shatter pattern (and so does she), but, because I'm me and imperfect, I couldn't get my center fabrics to come to a perfect point.  So, I raw-edge appliqued the donkey onto the imperfect center, et voila!  Donkey 'Splosion.  The donkey was on double gauze, so, in all cases, he was definitely an ass.  :D  But, I think it turned out well overall.

I'll be back soon, hopefully, with a year-end round-up and possibly a new quilt top to match this:


  1. Haha, love the donkey in the middle of that block. I hope Ruth likes it. I really like those green flying geese too as well as the simplicity of the houndstooth quilt. Definitely very masculine.

    1. Ruth loved it. It was for November's round, so it's already home with her. :)