Sunday, August 19, 2012

Holy Y-seams Batman!!

So, I'm a member of a small swap within my local quilt guild.  Back in May, a few of us went up into Gold Country for a weekend of sewing, eating and fabric shopping (not necessarily in that order).  And, while we were there, RuthKathleen, Sheetal and I decided that we would start a round robin.  That we decided was also a bee.  And that it would be named after Kathleen's dog.  Thus, the Round Boo Bee was born (did I mention that this idea and name came to us at about 11 PM after a day of sewing and shopping?).

I started off with Kathleen's center block.  After finishing my Mendocino herringbone, I decided that I wanted to do that with Kathleen's quilt.  In fact, her center reminded me of a compass center, so I liked that the herringbone would add additional arrows to her quilt.  I even intended to add 60 degree triangles as cornerstones, so that the arrow affect would be pronounced.  So, I started sewing lines of parallelograms together.  Once I had two lines as long as I was tall (which I figured was more than enough), I decided to start adding on.  Well, then, I decided that I didn't like the cornerstone idea. I had planned the herringbone to be just enough to go around the edges of the original block.  SOOOOOOOOOOOOO... Long story short, I did my first (and second) Y-seams to fix as much as I could to make the block look as close to right as I could make it.  That, and I screamed obscenities at my sewing machine for not cooperating (thus the title of the post--it was the cleanest thing I said to my machine all day).  Here is the final result:

Now that I have it finished (and the y-seams are done for the day), I think I need a glass of wine and some downtime sewing.

Kathleen, I hope you like it!  Because, if you don't, the hubby has stated that he will take it.  ;)

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