Sunday, August 12, 2012

Baby quilt madness!

Remember the wonky plus blocks from last week???

Just finished a baby quilt top from those about 20 minutes ago.  This one is about 32 x 32 (and some of the pieces on the ends are all flippy, despite vigorous ironing... Hmmm).  The fabric is Wonderland by Momo, generously 'donated' by Ruth.  This one is (hopefully) going to a local NICU, via my quilt guild charity girls.  I loved my first venture into wonky piecing, but I'm also glad that this top will be going to a good cause.

I've also finished one more baby quilt top.  This one isn't for charity--It's for my cousin's daughter, born on the last day of July

Her name is AddiKate and she is ADORABLE. Her nursery is pink and lime green, so I'm thinking that the Plume will fit right in.  Made from a charm pack, it's a disappearing 9-patch block.  I love the secondary windmill pattern from the square placement, and may have to revisit this for a few more charity quilts for my quilt guild.

Now back to piecing the back for my Mendocino herringbone quilt!


Back is finished.  The one thing I didn't like about the herringbone quilt was that there were spare triangles from changing directions.  I decided that I would piece them together and see if I could use them all.  Here's the result

The first thing that the hubby said was that it was off-center.  My poor physicist hubby couldn't see that it was EXACTLY as I had wanted it.  One day, he will understand.  Maybe. :P


  1. Ooooh... hey, I found the rest of that jelly roll. Do you want it, or are you done with Wonderland for the moment? ;)

    1. Love the wonderland! I'll take it, with the understanding that it will (for the most part) be given to Jennifer for charity. :)

    2. Sounds good! You coming to the sew day?