Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Finished improv chevron (featuring Heather Ross's Mendocino)

Hey everyone!  Just dropping by to show off my latest finish.  I took today off from work (I had some doctor's appointments to take care of) and spent some free time finishing up the one project on my plate that does not have a timeline (figures, huh?).  Here it is:

 It finished about 32 x 32.  I decided that the best way to show off the sparse Mendocino was to stitch in the ditch for the quilting.  It was my first try at herringbone quilting and I think it went well.  Here's the back:

The quilting shows up really well against the solids.  I decided not to go with a stark white thread, and instead picked up some Gutterman in a pale pink (it matched the pink in the quilt).  I think it turned out really well with the triangle stripe across the back.

This quilt with be shown off at the next quilt guild meeting (because, let's face, I want to show it off) and then tucked away for the future  The hubby and I decided that this would be for our little-one-of-the-future.  So, we'll hang on to it for our first daughter (or effeminate son--points to anyone who gets the show reference).  I think we've also decided that if, for some reason, we don't have a little girl, then we'll definitely keep it in the family (I'm thinking my brother or my brother-in-law and his wife).  I love it too much to not get visiting rights!

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