Sunday, July 1, 2012


So, I think I may have officially overcommitted myself during the past few weeks.  :(  Over the last couple of months, I have joined new bees like crazy, in the hopes of increasing my skills on the sewing machine.  Due to a trip to Alaska last month and general laziness, suddenly my commitments have snuck up on me.  After I returned from Alaska, I had (get this) 17 bee blocks to finish by July 15th.  Oh, and I had to get packages (11) together to send out for another bee.  Can you say "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!"?

So, without further ado, here is my work for the past two weekends (and a couple of weeknights)

Modern Minx Bee:

For Miss Laura, who requested the Three Wishes block from Modern Blocks in non-bright colors.  I picked some Amy Butler fabrics from my stash for this (Daisy Chain and Midwest Modern, I think)

3x6 Bee (Hive 3):

For the solids bee, with each person requesting different solids for their blocks.  I'm actually in BOTH solids hives, so I'm currently finishing blocks 5 & 6 for Hive 2.  More pictures to come of those later

Gone Quiltin' Bee:

For Mary, who sent out Kaffe Fausset fabrics for Granny Squares.  I also finished 2 additional blocks for Jessica (wonky stars out of Nicey Jane fabric), but some how forgot to take photos of them before I mailed them!

In the midst of all of my bee block sewing, I did manage to finish the back of this quilt:

And, as my buddy Kathleen puts it, I have sent it off to be quilted by checkbook.  I can't wait to see what my quilter does with it.

As far as other things I'm working on, I would love to have time to quilt up my stormy night quilt:


Maybe once I finish all of these crazy bee blocks!

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