Sunday, September 2, 2012

Comings and goings

Just a couple of things to share today.  First is my current throw for the couch (and it is perfect for football season):

I made it from Tula Pink's new fabric line (the birds and the bees) using Jeni's plus quilt tutorial.  The fabric is just so bright and vibrant, in particular the blues and purples.  I was afraid that the colors would blend and nothing would stand out, but nothing could be further from the truth.

I did choose to go against traditional thought, and used a high-loft poly batting for the quilt.  I don't know about everyone else, but, to me, nothing compares to a big, thick, puffy quilt.  They seem warmer to me and they look better!  But, that's my opinion. :)

The backing is from the same line, but a different colorway (swallow skies in storm, I believe).  For the quilting, I decided that I wanted to showcase the fabrics.  So, I stitched in a ditch along the seams.  The binding is the Ladder Dots in fuchsia from Denyse Schmidt's new line Chicopea.  I love how it pulls out the purples in the quilt.

Unfortunately, I discovered something not-so-good about myself while completing this quilt.  I have an old injury to my shoulder from my student internships and... Well, my walking foot and my shoulder do not get along when they have to work together for extended periods.  I've been definitely more sore and crackly (my words) since I finished this quilt last weekend.

I did decide to test out my shoulder this week (which wasn't long enough to let everything recover) and made some bee blocks for one of my beemates from the Modern Minx bee

This is little box, big box from modern blocks.  My beemate, Jo, requested bright solids and I think these fit the bill. :)

The only other thing I'm really working on right now is a potential long-term project.  It all started with a challenge from Ruth and the Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild to make a whole cloth quilt.  This is a real challenge for me, because I'm still relatively new to free motion quilting.  But I decided to give myself a challenge.

I picked two Essex linens (natural and aqua) and decided to use variegated blue thread to pebble quilt.  This is the front, where the color is immediately visible.  I'm definitely liking this, but... 


I'm loving the back.  Where the color is immediately visible on the front, the back is all texture.  It's incredible (I may be a bit biased).  So far, I'm on bobbin number 4 and have finished a 6-7 x 36 inch piece of the possible baby sized quilt.  I'm just hoping I don't run out of the thread!

Not too much quilting/sewing today.  I'm heading to the hubby's cousin's house to celebrate Labor day.  Hope everyone has a good Labor Day weekend! 

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  1. I love the look of the pebble quilting. I finally tested out my free motion quilting foot yesterday and can't wait to practice on a set of placemats I have on my UFO list.